The Noble

They say you’ll be no use in a dungeon. You’re sure you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty. Prove it, noble.


cunning eyes, innocent eyes, grim eyes, hopeful eyes
fat body, diseased body, handsome body, athletic body
fine clothes, unless you’re slumming or in disguise (in which case, pauper’s clothes)
a staff of office, heirloom sword, illuminated book of legends, or pet bird or dog


6+constitution HP
d6 damage


Load = 4+STR. You begin play with 50 gold, any mundane gear you desire.
Ask each other player in turn to define a hireling that works for you (cost, skill, and name).


(Player) served under my father, and I was cruel to them
(Player) served under my father, and I was kind to them
(Player) is an uncultured savage, but I will teach them of the finer things
(Player) amazes me with their skill and talent; I hope to learn from them


Evil: Murder someone to advance your ambition
Good: Use your connections and influence to help others
Lawful: Take action to uphold the current political system
Chaotic: Subvert the system to your own ends


Dwarf: (You were trained in the ways of the merchant-princes of the deep mountain holds. Add the following to your esoteric training: stonework, smithing, and fine craftsmanship)

Elven: (You’ve learned to be wary of hidden dangers and stalking assassins. When you’d suffer damage from a source you were unaware of, reduce that damage by 2.)

Human: (You’ve learned to twist the dagger after the thrust; whenever you successfully manipulate, blackmail, intimidate, or command someone, take +1-forward against them.)

Starting Moves

Connections: When you need access to something or someone, spread the word and roll+CHA. On a 10+, someone has what you need for a reasonable price. On a 7-9, choose one.
– it’s exorbitantly expensive, even for you
– it’s dangerous to obtain
– it’ll cost you in non-monetary ways, like favors or tasks

Esoteric Training: You grew up in a lavish and luxurious manner; no cost was spared in your pleasure or education. Pick two subjects from the following; when they apply to a roll you make, take +1.
– dueling
– horsemanship
– ancient history
– courtship and seduction
– warfare and strategy
– games of skill and chance
– geography and politics
– languages and cultures
– sailing

Hired Assistant: You’ve got a hired assistant of above-average skill and capability. Choose a class not occupied by another one of the players; your assistant has one move from that class (for the purposes of this move, preparing and casting spells counts as a single move) that they will use on your behalf and appropriate gear. They may also use any of the basic moves on your behalf. Choose a name, look, and alignment from that class.

The assistant has hit points and damage as per that class, but uses your stats for rolls. When the assistant fails a roll on your behalf, they mark XP instead of you. In addition, the assistant marks XP at the end of the session based on alignment and question-answering. They level up when they reach the required amount and choose a new move, but they never increase stats and can’t go above 5th level.

Your hired assistant desires one of the following and will serve you as long as you provide it.
– riches
– justice
– thrills
– love
– renown

Person of Lordly Caliber: When you aid or interfere with another PC, increase the bonus or penalty by 1. When you order hirelings, take +1.

Adv Moves

Above the Law: When you return to a civilized place in which you’ve caused trouble before, roll+CHA. On a hit, all the right people feel that your ill deeds are of little consequence. On a 7–9, that, and, the GM chooses a complication:
– but only if you seek a pardon personally
– but only if you make a show of good faith
– but only if you have something to offer

Bargain: When you go to buy something, reduce the price in coins by your charisma (if this drops the price to 0 coins, they give it to you in good will or a token of admiration or something).

Goad: When you insult and threaten an intelligent creature, roll+CHA. On a hit, they’re angry at you and all their focus is on you. On a 10+, take +1-ongoing against them as long as they’re mad.

Gold Magnet: Whenever you enter a steading and spend a little time there, roll+CHA. On a hit, gain 1d6*10 coin. On a 7-9, also choose one.
– someone takes an unsavory interest in your wealth
– there are some strings attached
– you’ll need to pay it back at some point
– it comes from less than reputable sources

Either way, the GM’ll probably ask how you got it. On a miss, you find you’ve been robbed!

Gossip: When you go out in a steading and spread rumors about a person, place, or thing, roll+CHA. On a hit, some people in the steading believe you, but not everyone. On a 7-9, choose one. On a 10+, choose two.
– most everyone in the steading believes you
– it travels to nearby steadings as fast as is reasonable
– nobody can trace the rumors to you

Hardened: You’ve been hardened by your nights on the road and days deep underground. Gain +2 hit points.

Jocky: When you take this move, ask how many people stand between you and the throne, if it isn’t clear already. He’ll list a bunch (5, maybe, 10) of obvious suspects – people who are higher in rank, more influential, closer to the current ruler. He’ll also list some less obvious folks – people who aren’t maybe in line to rule themselves, but who’d block you from moving forward. Whenever you take action that might allow you to surpass the next person in line, roll+CHA. On a 10+, you’ve managed to advance your cause. On a 7-9, the GM chooses one:
– you’ve moved them out of the way or placated them, but someone else steps in to fill the void
– you’ve moved them out of the way or placated them, but someone higher up is now suspicious and wary
– you’ve not surpassed them, yet, but you’re close the GM will tell you how you can do it

Life of the Party: When you carouse, on a 12+ choose as many options as you’d like. Everyone had a blast and people will talk about this for years to come; you’re a minor celebrity in this steading now.

Lucky: When you make camp or visit a steading, hold 3 luck. Whenever you roll a miss, spend 1 luck and re-roll. On a hit, explain how you succeed by sheer fortune and good luck. When you spend your last luck, well, your luck has run out… take -1-forward until you gain more.

Student: You’ve learned well from your companions. Whoever you have the most bonds with, choose and learn one of their class moves.

Talented Assistant: Your assistant has all the starting moves of his class.

Word of Command: When you give an NPC or collected group of NPCs an order, roll+CHA. On a 10+, select two and the GM will pick one. On a 7-9, the GM picks one.
– they angrily attack
– they back off slowly
– they grovel and beg
– they do it
– they offer you something else they think you want

Worldly: You pick up new skills easily; choose a playbook not currently in use by another player and gain a move from it.

Jack of All Trades (Requires: Worldly): You pick up new skills easily; choose a playbook not currently in use by another player and gain a move from it.

Keen Learner (Requires: Student): You’ve learned well from your companions. Whoever you have the most bonds with, choose and learn one of their class moves.

Master Assistant (Requires: Talented Assistant): Your assistant can reach up to level 10.

Supremely Lucky (Requires: Lucky): You may also spend your luck to:
– avoid all damage from a single attack
– find or have on hand a single mundane item you need
– run into someone helpful to you right now

The Noble

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