Theodore Greyhorn

His Grace, the Baron of Hearthome, Lord Theodore Greyhorn


Level 1 The Noble

cunning eyes, athletic body, fine clothes, heirloom sword

Strength: 12, +0
Dexterity: 17, +2
Constitution: 13, +0
Intelligence: 13, +0
Wisdom: 16, +2
Charisma: 18, +3

Damage: d6
Armor: 1
Hit Points: 19

Alignment: Chaotic (Subvert the system to your own ends)
Race: Human (You’ve learned to twist the dagger after the thrust; whenever you successfully manipulate, blackmail, intimidate, or command someone, take +1-forward against them.)

Bonds (rank):
Statement #1 (1)
Statement #2 (1)
Statement #3 (1)
Statement #4 (1)

Starting Moves (The Noble):

Connections: When you need access to something or someone, spread the word and roll+CHA. On a 10+, someone has what you need for a reasonable price. On a 7-9, choose one.
– it’s exorbitantly expensive, even for you
– it’s dangerous to obtain
– it’ll cost you in non-monetary ways, like favors or tasks

Esoteric Training: You grew up in a lavish and luxurious manner; no cost was spared in your pleasure or education. Pick two subjects from the following; when they apply to a roll you make, take +1.
– dueling
– horsemanship
– ancient history
courtship and seduction
– warfare and strategy
games of skill and chance
– geography and politics
– languages and cultures
– sailing

Hired Assistant: You’ve got a hired assistant of above-average skill and capability. Choose a class not occupied by another one of the players; your assistant has one move from that class (for the purposes of this move, preparing and casting spells counts as a single move) that they will use on your behalf and appropriate gear. They may also use any of the basic moves on your behalf. Choose a name, look, and alignment from that class.

The assistant has hit points and damage as per that class, but uses your stats for rolls. When the assistant fails a roll on your behalf, they mark XP instead of you. In addition, the assistant marks XP at the end of the session based on alignment and question-answering. They level up when they reach the required amount and choose a new move, but they never increase stats and can’t go above 5th level.

Your hired assistant desires one of the following and will serve you as long as you provide it.
– riches
– justice
– thrills
– love
– renown

Person of Lordly Caliber: When you aid or interfere with another PC, increase the bonus or penalty by 1. When you order hirelings, take +1.

Advanced Moves (The Noble):

Your Load is 4+Str (4).

  • Leather armor (1 armor, 1 weight),
  • Fancy Clothes.
  • Family Long sword ( Close, +1 damage, 1 weight )
Starting Load: 2

The Baron was born second in his family, but was the first born son. He spent his days learning to fence and to play games and soon became known as a bit of a scoundrel. He fell in with a few less than noble sorts and started traveling about the local villages, gambling and gaming as much as he could until his Father decided he needed to spend more time at home. After 3 boring years of court and long state dinners, he had had enough.

It was then that Theodore grabbed a few men loyal to him and struck out into the countryside in search of riches and glory. He would prove to his Father that there was more to life than Court. After a few scrapes and more than a few moments of tragedy, we find Theodore out on the town, risking his fortune on dice and cards and perhaps a few other ventures that his friend talks him into.

There is no price on his head or reward for his capture, but a few of the local village constables don’t always look happily upon his return. But Theo is careful and always makes it a point to flatter and spend in the villages, so the merchants love him. And no one is the wiser that he is connected with the criminal element in the area, using them in his attempt at slowly working his way to the throne.

Time will tell if he ends up wearing the crown or the shackles.

Theodore Greyhorn

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